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The International Job Seekers Package - Save over £145

CV formats vary in different parts of the world.

In the UK and most of Europe a 2 page CV is the standard (up to 3 for Senior Executives), whereas in America and Canada they use Resumes which are usually more concise. If you aim to apply for roles in Australia and Asia then your CV can be up to be 4 pages long and contain text rather than bullet points.

Ideal for job seekers who are 100% flexible on location for their next job, The International Job Seekers Package provides a CV in all 3 formats, fully equipping those candidates for truly international job hunting
and representing great value with savings of over £145.

ncludes all of the following:-

Global CV and resume writing - 3 different formats of your CV / resume
- 1 professionally written cover letter
- Silver CV Enhancement Package on each CV

Usual prices: Elite = £976.96     
                    Pinnacle = £676.96
                    Professional = £526.96

Offer prices

Elite = from £699 (click for further options)

Pinnacle = from £499 (click for further options)

Professional = from £399 (click for further options)


Enhanced CV and Letter Package - Save over £23

Apply for those ideal jobs confident in the knowledge that your new CV's stylish presentation will stand out and attract a recruiter's attention ahead of the others. Not only will it look good but the professionally written text will both inform the reader and inspire them to want to know more, resulting in more interviews.

This, our most popular package, represents common sense value saving over £15 and includes all of the following:-

Cover letter to accompany your CV or resume
- Professionally written CV or resume
- Silver Enhancement Package
- Professionally written cover letter

Usual prices if ordered separately:-

Pinnacle = £248.98                Pinnacle package price = £225
Professional = £198.98          Professional package price = £175
Career Builder = £148.98        Career Builder package price = £125

The Graduates Firm Foundations CV Package - Save over £25 

We are currently running a special offer for Graduates and Students who have left higher education in the last few months to save over £25 on a bundle of services designed to add professionalism and polish to your job search.

Put all your job applications on a firm footing with this all-inclusive package to ensure professionalism at every stage of the job hunting process.

The Graduates Firm Foundations CV Package is excellent value at
only £64.95 – a saving of over £25 – and includes all of the following:-
Graduate CV and resume writing - Professionally written Graduate/Student (18+) CV 
 - Silver CV Enhancement Package
 - Professionally written cover letter

Usual price = £89.97

Offer price = just £64.95

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