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Why have an additional CV or resume?

Many people develop excellent skills in more than one field over the course of their career and it can be difficult to present each one in sufficient depth on one CV or resume.
For example, a Customer Service Manager may have spent years acquiring and developing customer services skills with achievements to support them.
If that candidate then wanted to apply for a management role in a different sector then the focus should be placed firmly on the management skills, with different achievements to demonstrate and support them.
A targetted CV or resume with a different bias
So in this case it would be better to have 2 different CVs/resumes, one focused on the customer service skills and achievements, and the other targetted towards an audience more interested in management ability, and accomplishments related to those skills.
Discounted Rates
We understand that this could start to get expensive! so should you wish to have an additional CV or resume prepared then we will apply a discount to the price of the 2nd and any subsequent CV or resume (sorry, this does not include the Graduate/Student CV). 

Discounted rates for a 2nd version of the same CV / resume are listed below:

Elite = £199
Pinnacle = £130
Professional = £100
Career Builder = £60

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