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Is your CV or resume giving the wrong impression of you?

Some of the words you use to describe yourself on your CV could be misinterpreted with disastrous consequences.

When you write your CV it is very easy to say things that you think make you sound different and stand out from others, whereas in reality they could be giving completely the wrong impression.

What does your CV say about you? “People person?”, “Unique approach?”, “Own style?”

Or “Achiever?”, “Determined?”, “Successful?”, “Responsible?”

As an example, someone describing themselves as having a “unique approach” or their “own style” could be perceived by an employer as being hard to manage, or doesn’t do what their manager wants them to do.

Saying that you are a “people person” could be interpreted as being someone who likes to spend all day talking rather than working, a chatter-box, or even a gossip.

It is important to make sure that you don’t fall into these traps and to ensure that your CV sells you in the most powerful and compelling way.

Use strong words that conjure up a positive image and that are clear and unambiguous in their meaning so that there can be no misinterpretation.

Support the things you say with evidence.

This evidence should take the form of achievements – your accomplishments which demonstrate that you do have the skill or attribute you claim.

If your CV is written in this way then it will prove to be a powerful marketing tool that will impress the reader, ultimately inspiring them to invite you to interview.

Does yours?

For an objective view of how strong your CV is it is a good idea to get someone else to read it through.

Better still get a professional CV writer’s opinion on whether your CV gives enough compelling reasons why you should be interviewed, or whether you will never hear from that prospective employer again.

If it needs work the professional can put it right for you quickly and cheaply so your next application will not be wasted, and transform your uninspiring CV into a powerful marketing tool.

So before you send it to anyone else get your CV checked out.

Here’s a suggestion.

Go to and click on FREE advice and checking and not only receive a free, comprehensive report on the strength of your CV but also you can download free advice on how to write a CV.

These are free services, and you would only need to pay anything if you asked to have your CV written or re-written - there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

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