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Should you put your age/date of birth on your CV?

Once upon a time, not so long ago, it was second nature to automatically include your date of birth on your CV.

It was also probably the second or third question asked by a recruiter in the early conversations about yourself.

This, of course, was in the days before legislation was introduced to stop ageism.

It was designed to stop employers from discriminating on the basis of age when recruiting, but despite this ageism

is still alive and kicking.

The legislation does not, however, say that you cannot put your age or date of birth on your CV. In fact it should

mean that you are now able to include these details with more confidence.

In reality, though, having raised awareness of the practice of ageism it has made those applying for jobs more

wary than ever.

More people nowadays do not put their date of birth or their age on their CVs and indeed often go to great lengths to

conceal these facts.

Not only are these details omitted but also dates of education, and dates of jobs from early in a career; even certain

types of qualification can reveal a person’s age, such as O levels which were replaced by GCSEs in the 1980s.

But there is a positive side to this situation.

If a prospective employer or a recruiter really wants to find the age of an applicant and the information is not

immediately apparent, then they may actually spend more time looking through and reading the CV searching for clues.

On balance, therefore, it is best not to include your date of birth or you age on a CV.

The content of the CV, the structure, and the language used are far more important.

Each word, phrase and sentence has to be carefully considered, thoughtfully selected, and presented in such a way that the reader is captivated, convinced, and ultimately compelled to invite you to interview.

Once your CV is finished it is a good idea to get someone to look over it.

Who better than an experienced, professional CV writer to analyse and assess it for you?

They will do it for free and can give you their professional opinion on whether your CV not only looks right but gives enough compelling reasons why you should be invited for interview, or whether you will never hear from that prospective employer again.

If it needs work they can do it for you quickly and cheaply so your next application won’t be wasted.

Before you send it to anyone else get your CV checked out.

Try this.

Click on FREE Advice and Checking, and when you submit your CV for analysis not only will you receive a free,

comprehensive report on the strength of your CV but you can also download free advice on how to write a CV.

These are free services, and you would only need to pay anything if you asked to have your CV written or re-written – there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

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