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See what some of our customers have said about us recently:

"I have recently used Nick's services and I have no hesitation in recommending Nick for delivering a professional, efficient service.

He is knowledgeable, very patient and was open to feedback and accommodating to my requests. I've compared Nick's service to

other 'so called best in category services' and Nick stood out as head and shoulders above the rest"

Yasien D - Head of Retail Operations

"Hi Nick, just wanted to say the CV you sent me is amazing. You turned a good CV into a well-crafted, succinct 2-page career summary hitting all the right notes. I was very impressed with the simple and effective format, and the feedback I’ve had in the first three days of sharing it has been great! I now have several leads progressing to interview stage. I will not hesitate to recommend you to others as your service is real value for money and the final CV is excellent."

Andrew D - Global Digital Transformation Director

"Nick: I can not believe what you can do with a resume. The sad part is that another professional resume writer. I met with a few years ago had completed the other resume. Comparing the two I would not hire me with the old resume compared to the new strengths based cover letter and resume.... I see why Phil speaks so highly of you. You are great and such an uplifting person at this time in my life.

I thank you so much. Shannon"

Shannon T-F - Program Manager

“Nick took my Resume and, after a careful review, made it into something that was shorter and more to the point, and did an Amazing job of getting my story in place. Nick does a sensational job of asking questions to make sure that all information is known about the Person, and where that person can and might go. I can truly say that Nick has made many new people look at what I can do giving a much better look for me for the future.”

Phil Bush - Strategic Worldwide Sales Director

"Hi Nick.

Many thanks for that. I have updated my Profile as per your suggestion. I have received my first recruitment company call, and possibly an interview less than 24 hours after I made the changes. So it looks to be working.

Not sure if you have gotten response that fast before. but you can put that on your happy customer list :-)"

Lars S - Marine Safety Manager

"Good morning Nick,

Now that's an impressive CV lol i would employ myself if i could!! I'm happy with the work you've done to it and look forward to

seeing my linkedin profile!

Cheers Chris!"

Chris T - Oil & Gas Deck Hand

"I was simply amazed by your work! Sincerely...our work is completed to the highest possible satisfaction degree. In the near future

I plan to restructure my LinkedIn profile and, of course, your services will be kindly requested.

Radu M - Senior Project Manager

"Nick, The preparation of my resume is awesome! I love what you've done with it.
I have actually sent this resume out and have received a job offer which I am in negotiations now.
Thanks Nick,"

Dave C - Senior E&I Quality Inspector

"You have done a great job. I now feel content and confident with my CV and Cover Letter. Thank you very much for the service you have provided. I have recommended a number of individuals to you. You’ll be happy to know I have an interview invitation through sending my up-to-date CV! Once again, you have provided a high quality valuable service and I am very happy and satisfied with the result."

Sehrish A - Graduate Criminology Specialist

"I love my new CV!!! :D Thank you so very much!!!

I’ll definitely be keeping in touch with you for all my future needs for services that you offer.

Been a pleasure doing business with you!


Azlina J - Vice President – Development (Project Management)

"I recently used Nick to bring my CV and LinkedIn profile up to date . Nick produced a very professional update with useful ideas and options , especially around LinkedIn profile . He produced this with minimum of additional input from me and the service was very efficient and value for money . I have already had positive feedback on the update and would recommend Nick for anyone looking to add a professional spin on CV/Profile"

Bruce G - COO and CFO Telecoms and IT Security

"I had been using the same CV format and wording for many years and it came to a point it just was not working anymore. I finally decided it was time to hire a professional writer to re-create the CV. Since Nick completed the work, thanks to his creativity, understanding of the industry and key words to use, I have had fantastic opportunities that I never thought would come. Thank you Nick for your good work. I whole heartily recommend Nick to anyone looking for great results."

Van S - Project and Commissioning Manager Oil and Gas 

"Thanks Nick for improving my CV. The rewritten CV was very appealing and easy to read as well. Could quickly pick out the main points and moreover the CV was delivered on time. I would recommend Nick for this service.



Top Qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity

Sneh G - IT Graduate in Computer Engineering

“Nick, I absolutely love it! Both CVs and the covering letter!

You got me with SUCH accuracy its even scary!

No amendments, will use them exactly like that, but thank you for the option I appreciate it.

Thank you so much for helping me with this, awesome job

Have a wonderful weekend

Million thanks again for everything”

Elena B - Online Advertising Executive

"After completing my MBA, I knew my CV would need an overhaul to be better suited for the caliber of jobs I was looking to get. gave me a detailed analysis of my CV’s shortcomings and revamped it to make it highly professional while highlighting

my skills, strengths and experiences. I am now very confident in showing this CV to potential employers”

Kesi O - Lead Banking Analyst

"Nick has certainly transformed my CV! I found that with Nick, what you saw was exactly what you got, and what you got was a professional, efficient, top class service. He was a pleasure to deal with, always courteous, friendly and a man who really takes on board what the client wants.

In addition to his faultless professionalism, the finished product was exactly what I had hoped for. It was a brief, clear and eye catching document. I would not hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone, from someone who needs a refresh for their CV or building theirs from scratch-Nick is the man for the job!"

Aine W - Applied Psychology Graduate

"I found Nick to be an expert in his field and as he provided a new CV in a short time-frame. He was able to tailor my CV to a required job spec and provided a very impactful CV in the end. I would recommend him to anyone that needs a fresh look to their CV. The service is good value, reliable and creative."

Jack C - Business Controller and Chartered Accountant 

"Thank you Nick for your great help to build my resume and my profile on LinkedIn. I was asking myself so many questions such as: What do I put on my CV, How do I write my summary, before I knew you. I will surely recommend you as a great writer. You have

been so available and helpful. Thank you again. Warmest regards, Patrick."

Patrick P - Hotel General Manager

"Nick is an expert on his field and it is a great pleasure for me to congratulate him for his carefully prepared work. He performs his work accurately, appropriately and on time. Hi finally fits customer requirements."

Paula V - Chemical Engineer Project Manager 

"Thank you Nick the new CV has worked wonders. Submitted job application Monday, received interview confirmation yesterday (Tuesday). Thanks again."

Richard C - Construction Site Manager

"Hey Nick,

Sorry for the late reply but thanks to your resume writing I was hired last week at F-- C--. Thank you soooo much for all your help I will be sure to contact you in the future and send my friends your direction for resume help."

Jonathan S - Management Professional

"Nick carried out ​​the necessary improvements to my background and resume, making them more attractive and innovative for headhunters. I found the experience during the development work to be very precise and very easy to work with, achieving completely satisfactory improvements and modifications of my background. "

"Nick efectuó las mejoras necesarias de mis antecedentes y CV, logrando que fueran más atractivos e innovadores para los headhunters. Se caracterizó durante el desarrollo del trabajo por ser muy puntual y de muy fácil trato, logrando a entera satisfacción las mejoras y modificaciones de mis antecedentes."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Ignacio B - ex Navy Senior Project Manager

"Nick Did My CV and cover letter. A great job and well written"

Kenneth N - Online Business Owner

“I have worked with Nick for a number of years and have found him to be extremely professional in everything he has done. I have used Nick and his services and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nick to anyone. Nick has always been clear and quick with his communications and has stood out amongst the crowd within his industry.”

Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity

NH - Sales Director

“Mr. Baldwin is a professional who really knows his field, reliable, consistent with many "fresh" ideas.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Kiriakos S - Oil & Gas Construction Project Manager

"Nick provides an excellent service at

His analysis of my cv was done very accurately, the report that I received was to the point, concise and spot on.

I would recommend Nick for anyone who is in need of a cv makeover!"

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Ron M - Master Mariner on LNG ships

“excellent work. professional, on time, must use”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Yannis K - Hotel General Manager

“Nick is a really genuine person who listens to the client making sure all the correct and relevant data is captured within the C.V., also making sure the client is totally happy before final script.

Nick has certainly made a massive difference to my job search making sure my CV is clear, precise , presenting my key skills , highlighting my strengths and abilities. I have already recommended Nicks services to other colleagues because of my high regard for his services.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Darren W - Business Development Manager - Electrical

“Nick understands the candidate’s professional objectives, abilities and working history in a way that allows him to write an easy to read resume that highlight them and c atches the eye of the recruiters. The persons that had read my resume drastically increased when I changed it to Nick’s version.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

Claudio B - Packaging Design and Process Line Improvement Consultant

"Dear friends,

With great pleasure that I recommend Nick Baldwin if you want to bring your CV's strength up to 100%.

My CV is now accepted with excellent commentary.

Thank you Nick,

Best regards,

Damir M"

Damir M - Senior Commissioning Engineer FPSOs

"Dear Nick,

Being away on business I am now back to the office and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing my cv to a very high standard.

The result is impressive giving at the same time an accurate description of my career so far.

Many Thanks again.

Best Regards

Dr P"

Dr P - Shipping General Manager Operations

“Excellent service. Great results. Answered any questions I had as well as provided me with advice. Very reliable and kept his word.

I'd sent Nick a copy of my CV to see what his professional opinion was on it. After we spoke with each other, we decided a revamp of my CV was in order as well as a cover letter and enhancement package. I feel there has been a dramatic improved in the standard of my CV and feel more confident in sending it out to potential employers.

I'd recommend Nick and his services to anyone that is not sure about the quality of their CV. You won't be disappointed!”

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative

Alexander S - Hospitality Customer Services

"I asked Nick to review my CV, once the free review was complete and I had considered the recommendations made I decided to ask Nick to complete a re-write. This was done to the time scale he promised and I have to say that I was more than impressed with the standard of the end product. A truely proffesional service that I would have no hesitation in recommending to everyone."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Good Value

John S - Shipping Operations Manager

“I felt that my CV was in need of some attention by a professional so contacted DoMyCV for a free review and report. This was produced within a couple of days and it suggested a number of improvements that I hadn’t considered, and these were subsequently carried out quickly and efficiently.

I am delighted with my new CV – it is far more punchy and concise than before, reads a lot better, and I now have much greater confidence in its ability to get my point across to a hiring manager quickly and convincingly.

I am very happy to recommend DoMyCV’s services."

Dr. Haris K - Business Consultant

“I requested Nick to revamp my existing CV after reading recommendations and testimonials which turned out 100% accurate.

Nick ‘s professional approach to summaries and putting words in to perspective on a piece of paper is no doubt “Amazing” and would be an asset for individuals.

Needless to mention, which is backed by his quality of work, timely service and follow up to complete the task.

CV writing is an art, and in my opinion Mr. Nick Baldwin does qualify as an artist when it comes to CVs."

Muhammad N - Senior Banking Professional

“This letter is written to express my complete satisfaction with the consulting services provided by Mr. Nick Baldwin. The services of Mr. Nick Baldwin were provided in a professional manner within predetermined time constraints. The quality of his work consistently exceeds expectations and I am highly recommend him and any resource that he endorses.”

Coman P - Maritime HR Manager

"I am writing this recommendation about Nick and his company to let others know he is an expert in his field of creating, revamping, and making your CV shine above all others.

He knows his subject, and if I could add personable, good value, on time and high integrity, that too be added to the list.

Folks, don't waste your time revamping your CV - let Nick do it, so you can get on with your interviewing process - with your new CV and his very talented results in your hand."

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Cheryl Fleming - Photography Business Owner

"I initially submitted my CV for a free review and assessment, as I noticed I wasn't get many replies from job applications. Nick at DoMYCV came back to me quickly, and provided a detailed analysis of 10 core areas of my CV. As there were a number of things lacking on my CV, Nick recommended his Career Builder CV package. I was very pleased with the result: Nick knows exactly how to bring out the best of a CV for maximum impact."

Mina O - Media Sales & Marketing Executive

“I recently asked Nick at DoMyCV to overhaul and re-format my rather lengthy and out of date CV. His response was very quick and efficient, his attention to detail was almost forensic and the final results extremely good. I now have a well presented and informative CV that I can feel confident in submitting whenever I need it. If your CV is tired or in need of a make over I can't recommend Nick highly enough.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, On Time

Amjad S - Senior IT Consultant

“I used the 'domycv' site for self CV Revamp and Silver pack.

Excellent Services. Excellent eye for detail.

My CV which was too lenghty was revamped. I would highly recommend Nick for his services and would definitely use his services in the future.

Good On Ya, Nick!! 2 Thumbs Up!!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time

Mehernosh M - Chief Officer Shipping

Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity, Creative

Amer S - Life Science Graduate

"Thank you once again for your work, and I will definitely recommend you to my friends."

Mikis A - Management Accountant

"Just want to say a big thank you for such a professional and efficient service. Of course I will be more than happy to

recommend you to people.....

Wish me luck.....

Thanks again....."

Sandy C - Teacher

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