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CV writing topics advertised recently

Ex-Forces and looking for a civilian career?

Making the move from the Forces to a civilian career is much simpler with a strong, well-worded CV.

Is your CV or resume giving the wrong impression of you?

Some of the words you use to describe yourself on your CV could be misinterpreted with disastrous consequences.

Why are accuracy and attention to detail important in a CV/resume?

There's no excuse nowadays for anyone having basic errors on their CVs.  

A CV is like speed-dating but with less time

Someone reading your CV is seeing you for the first time and they will want to find out what they need to know

as quickly and simply as possible.

Advice on how to write a CV - for free!

Can anyone reading your CV tell who you really are? Or is it full of jargon and cheesy statements?

Top 3 CV writing tips

Competition for vacancies at an all-time high.

Can you be sure your CV will be given priority?

Should a CV be rejected because of its colour?

Even in today's modern society the use of colour can play a huge part.

Which pile will your CV land on? Interview or ignore?

How often have you sent your CV to a great job and heard nothing?

Why are you sending your CV or Resume and not getting interviews?

There's nothing more frustrating!

What's going on?

CV rejected because of fonts?

Use the wrong font and your job application could be history.

Should you put your age or date of birth on your CV or Resume?

Once upon a time it was second nature to do so, before ageism legislation.

When is it ok to lie on a CV?

However tempting it may seem, consider the consequences and explore other options first.

How do you get 20 years on a 2 page CV?

This is the dilemma facing many people, but what can you do?

Which parts of your CV or Resume work and which parts don't?

More importantly which parts actually put recruiters off?

First impressions of your CV - a lasting impression or the last?

Most recruiters will decide whether you are a Yes or No in the first few seconds.

Should you put your photo on your CV?

Some people say that profile photos are for on online dating sites and not your CV or Resume....

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