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Pinnacle Gold

Pinnacle CV and Letter Package plus

“Comprehensive” LinkedIn Service

Give a thorough make-over to the way you present each aspect of yourself to prospective employers or potential clients, whether it is online, in writing or face to face, ensuring delivery of a consistent message and a recognizable personal brand.

Apply for those ideal jobs confident in the knowledge that your new CV or resume's stylish presentation will stand out and attract a recruiter's attention ahead of the others.

This is an all-inclusive package of powerful career collateral, professionally written to support your goals, reflect your

personal branding and enable you to present yourself robustly in every situation.

Each document is meticulously prepared with relevant detail to suit specific situations and targeted towards particular audiences. Not only will it look good but the professionally written text will both inform the reader and inspire them to

want to know more, resulting in more interviews.

This, our most popular package, includes all of the following:   

  • Executive CV or Resume – a concise document outlining key strengths/core competencies and detailed career history, and showcasing selected achievements

  • “Comprehensive” LinkedIn optimization service – take full advantage of the excellent networking opportunities this powerful social media site has to offer

  • CV / Resume Decoration – A decorative, color border, colored employers logos, spot color in the text – all eye-catching features to make the CV/resume stand out in a pile and which make the initial and overall impression much more interesting

  • Professionally written Cover Letter – When sending your CV or resume to a prospective employer accompany it with a covering letter that clearly and concisely gives strong, relevant reasons why your application should be considered   

Cost if ordered individually = £457.99

Package price = £395   saving £62.99

Add an Additional version of the CV (usual price £124.99) for the further discounted price of £104.

Upgraded Package = £499 saving £73.97

Once you have placed your order send us a copy of the CV or resume you would like us to use as a

starting point and one of our Consultants will be in touch. 

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