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Complimentary CV Analysis and Report

Get a professional opinion on whether your CV or Resume not only looks right but gives enough compelling reasons why you should be interviewed, or whether you will never hear from that prospective employer again.


Whatever your reason for looking for a new job - whether you are aiming for promotion in your current company,

are seeking a better job opportunity or have just finished your studies - the most important tool you need is a

professional CV or resume which showcases your skills, experiences and abilities.


✰ We write polished and articulate CVs and resumes, with no spelling or grammatical errors, presenting the facts

clearly in a way that highlights an individual's strengths, achievements and abilities.

✰ We offer a FREE checking service for your CV, resume and LinkedIn profile


✰ We provide FREE advice on how to write a CV or resume


✰ We offer a comprehensive FREE CV report


✰ We have over 20 years experience of dealing with recruitment professionals


✰ We have excellent insight into what makes a good CV / resume and what makes a great and compelling CV or resume.

Many CVs are poorly presented, contain grammatical or spelling errors, or even fail to say what it is the writer actually does and is capable of doing!


☑ Before you use it to apply for another job send it to us for analysis and assessment.



We will review it for you, free of charge, and send you a comprehensive report outlining the strengths of your CV.



If it needs no work then the report will tell you so and we will wish you all the best.



If we feel we can make it significantly better we will say so and tell you what it would cost for us to put it right.



You can then decide if you are happy with what you have done or whether you would like us to sort it out for you.

On LinkedIn? Get hired by optimising your profile

According to their latest information LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the internet with more than 364 million members in over 200 countries and territories.



One of the most useful features of LinkedIn is the ability of users to search for people with particular skills and experience and, if you are looking for a job or selling your services in some way, to be found by others looking for those skills.


In 2014 there were 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches on LinkedIn.


Were you picked up in one of those searches?


DoMyCV can help you get your LinkedIn profile working for you by making sure it is properly optimised - that is to say that all the relevant information about you is actually on your profile, in the right place and in the right format, so that you can be found when a search is conducted by someone looking for your set of skills and experience.


  • Strategic placement of keywords to optimise your appearance in searches

  • Provision of all relevant Profile, Job description and Professional summary details

  • Selection of relevant skills for the Skills section

  • Suggestion of Groups relevant to your field of interest

  • Further advice as necessary


We can sort out your profile for you so you can take full advantage of the excellent networking opportunities this

powerful social media site has to offer.


Send us your CV then place your order online.  

English not your first language? 

What will potential employers do when they read your CV?


When an employer advertises a vacancy they will inevitably receive a large number of CVs in response.

Their first task is to reject as many as possible - shortlisting - to make the recruitment process easier for themselves.

If your CV contains spelling mistakes, errors in grammar, or even just doesn't read right, this can immediately put you at a disadvantage, regardless of your suitability for other aspects of the role.


You might be the best person for the job but because of your weakness in English your CV ends up on the

"no" pile and you don't even get an interview!

Don't let a lack of skill in the English language go against you


We can write your CV or resume in a way that will overcome the potential problems of language and literacy by

preparing it in fluent, perfect English, clearly and accurately presenting your skills and capabilities.

As a result the professionally written text will both inform the reader and inspire them to want to know more,

resulting in more interviews for you.


Send us your details - in your own language if you like - and we will write your CV in fluent, perfect English.

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