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Free advice on how to write a professional CV

What does your CV say about you? How accurately does it sell you?

When you are looking for a job, particularly in today's competitive job market, the most important thing you can do is

make sure your CV presents you in a way that is attractive to a potential employer.

More than that, it needs to do this in the first few seconds of being read, and if it doesn't, you probably won't even

get an interview.

I was a recruitment consultant for over 20 years, and a good proportion of the 100+ CVs I received and had to work

with every day told me nothing useful about the candidate.

Very often there were spelling mistakes, errors with grammar, and, more worryingly, they didn't tell me what the

candidate actually does or is capable of doing!

Download a free document giving advice on how to write a CV to see what it should say.

How good is yours?

Get a Free comprehensive CV report on the strength of your CV and find out.

Before you send it to anyone else get your CV checked out. Get a professional’s opinion on whether your CV gives

enough compelling reasons why you should be interviewed, or whether you will never hear from that prospective

employer again.

If it needs work the professional can put it right for you quickly and cheaply so your next application will not be wasted!

Click on FREE advice and checking and not only get free advice on how to write a CV, but also you will receive a free, comprehensive report on the strength of your CV.

These are free services, and you would only need to pay anything if you asked to have your CV written or re-written

- there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

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