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Is your CV strong enough to get you an interview?

We all know how rare the perfect job is, and when it comes along you only have one shot at it - mess that up and there's

no second chance.

The worst that can happen is you send in a CV which is sub-standard, or doesn't sell you in the right way or quickly enough to capture the interest of the recruiter - remember, this recruiter will probably have a huge pile of CVs to go through and will likely read them very quickly.

This makes them very critical and, unfortunately, not very thorough.

The main reasons that CVs get rejected (other than you are simply not suitable, of course) are: -

It is too wordy or too long,

The relevant detail is buried in the middle somewhere (or isn’t there at all!)

There are spelling mistakes

It is simply not written in language which is strong enough

If any of the above apply to your CV you will probably NOT be getting an interview.

So when you go to send off your CV, there’s that moment when you think, “Does my CV do me justice? Does it actually

say all the things I need to get across in those important first few seconds of being read?”

My advice?

Get it checked out before you send it.

Get a professional’s opinion on whether it’s a winning CV with compelling reasons why you should be interviewed,

or whether it will end up on the ‘thanks but no thanks’ pile.

We are professional CV writers so if after all this you would like us to improve your CV, or if you felt that it would be easier

for us to do it for you, then you have that option, but there is no obligation at all and you can walk away having used the

free services owing absolutely nothing.

Click on Free Advice and Checking for more information.

The Free CV Checking service includes a comprehensive report on the strength of your CV. There is also a Free

download of Advice on how to write a professional CV.

These are free services, and you would only need to pay anything if you asked to have your CV improved - there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

Did you know? We also offer FREE LinkedIn profile checking and reports.

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