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Get found on LinkedIn by

optimizing your profile

According to their latest information LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the internet

with more than 900 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

One of the most useful features of LinkedIn is the ability of users to search for people with particular skills and

experience and, if you are looking for a job or selling your services in some way, to be found by others looking

for those skills.

In 2021 there were over 5.7 billion professionally-oriented searches on LinkedIn.

Were you picked up in one of the 5.7 billion searches?

DoMyCV can get your LinkedIn profile working for you by making sure it is properly optimized - that is to say that all the relevant information about you is actually on your profile, in the right place and in the right format, so that you can be found when a search is conducted by someone looking for your set of skills and experience.

How does it work?

The LinkedIn search engine is a very useful and powerful function which enables members to search for individuals with specific skills and experience.

When someone conducts a search for a person with a particular set of skills and experiences the search engine looks in certain specific places of each profile in order to assess its suitability, presenting those findings in a list prioritized by suitability i.e. the aggregate number of matching keywords found.

Online CV or resume

LinkedIn is widely used as a database of CVs / resumes so the basic content of a profile usually reflects the content of those documents in order to maintain consistency or an identifiable “brand” between the two.

Personal website

Many people use their profile almost like a mini personal website which is comprehensively populated to include all details of their capabilities, specific projects, achievements, professional training etc so that interested parties can refer to it when necessary and get a very full picture of the individual.

Others prefer to have a simple profile containing just basic details so that if someone is interested they get in contact to find out more. To attract interest the content has key words strategically placed throughout so that the search engine will find them.  

What we do

DoMyCV offer two levels of service, both of which fully populate the profile and place formatted text and keywords in the places where the search engine looks, so that when someone conducts a search for an individual with your particular blend of skills and experiences you appear as close to the top of the list as possible.

"The Essential" LinkedIn Service

A full profile containing all the essential elements required for a visible presence on LinkedIn including

  • An eye-catching, informative professional headline which is visible in the search lists

  • An inspirational summary consisting of a compelling personal profile statement and a selection of your key skills

  • Chronological career history with a short factual description of your role taken from your CV or resume

  • Selection of relevant skills for the Skills section

  • Further useful advice on maximizing your presence on LinkedIn

Graduates, Career Builder and Professional:

This service costs just £99

Management and Elite:

This service costs just £149 

"The Comprehensive" LinkedIn Service

A far more polished and professional profile including everything contained within the Essential service plus the following

  • Greater detail on career history with short paragraphs of descriptive text written specifically and containing details from your CV, resume, company website and from consultation if necessary

  • Formatting of text to include decorative pointers (stars, arrows, bullet points etc)

  • Selection and provision of relevant links with eye-catching images, titles and promotional text

  • Research and recommendation of relevant document uploads

  • Analysis and suggestion of relevant Groups to facilitate more effective networking

  • Comprehensive population of the Skills section

  • Other sections to showcase specific areas as required eg projects

Graduates, Career Builder and Professional:

This service costs just £149 

Management and Elite:

This service costs just £195 

Once you have placed your order don't forget to Send us your CV/resume and we will be back to you

straight away with details of the next steps in the process.

If you experience any problems with the payment facility or need an alternative payment option

please contact us and we will do our best to help.

Phone: +44 7516 979 054


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