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Upgrades and Extras

Decorative Packages - Gold, Silver or Bronze

Upgrade your CV or resume by adding one of the following Decorative Enhancement packages to give

your CV or resume a unique look and make it stand out from the pile!

We can even add them to your existing CV or resume

Click on an image for examples

GOLD enhancement (can be applied to any CV or resume)

  • Coloured, decorative border + use of colour in text
  • Coloured, themed bullet-point characters
  • Use of coloured employer’s logos
  • Use of photos, graphs, charts etc within the CV to illustrate projects and achievements
  • Additional £24.99

SILVER enhancement (can be applied to any CV or resume)

  • Coloured decorative border
  • Spot colour in text
  • Coloured employer’s logos
  • Additional £14.99

BRONZE enhancement  (can be applied to any CV or resume)

  • Decorative border (single colour)
  • Use of employer’s logos (black and white)
  • Additional £7.49


Executive Bio

A 1 page brief biography in a narrative style with photo to serve as an introduction containing a precis of your career history and significant milestones - click the image for more details.

From £149.95

Project / Case Studies Portfolio

Professional showcase of major projects and/or significant case studies, each illustrated with images, graphs, charts, tables etc. as required and containing details of other specific examples - click the image for more details.

From £149.95

LinkedIn profile optimisation (more info here)

  • Get your LinkedIn profile working for you
  • Fully optimised profile and summary
  • Inspiring job descriptions and Skills grading
  • Group selection and presence maximisation
  • From £99 

10 CVs printed on high quality paper

  • £29.99 

Covering letters

  • Individually prepared letter of application
  • From £34.99 (per letter)

Update to CV or resume previously prepared by DoMyCV

  • Add a job, change of contact details
  • Additional training, skills etc
  • Recent projects, latest major achievements
  • 40% discount on current price (order as additional CV)

Order online - it's so simple!

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