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The Full Personal

Branding Package

Give a thorough make-over to the way in which you present each aspect of yourself to prospective employers or potential clients online, in writing and face to face with a consistent message and a recognizable personal brand. Many situations can present themselves, each requiring a different approach; if your only available response is to send the standard 2 or 3 page CV/résumé then you will quickly run out of options.

The Full Personal Branding Package is a comprehensive package of powerful career collateral, professionally written to support your goals, reflect your personal branding and enable you to present yourself robustly in every situation.

Each document is meticulously prepared with varying quantities of detail to suit specific situations and targeted towards particular audiences.

The package consists of:

- Executive Bio – a streamlined professional biography presenting your credentials in a one page high-level overview of what you have to offer - essential for speaking engagements, networking, press releases, conference programs etc.

- Short form CV/Résumé – a concise document outlining key strengths/core competencies as well as a précised career history including selected achievements

- Presentation CV/Résumé – longer and far more detailed containing full (but not exhaustive) role descriptions, a selection of illustrative personal achievements, specific outline examples of projects etc.

- Full Personal Branding – branding of each element across the entire portfolio to ensure delivery of a consistent message to your target audience

- The "Ultimate" or “Comprehensive” LinkedIn optimization service – take full advantage of the excellent networking opportunities this powerful social media site has to offer

Elite Clients

Package price= £999  ("Comprehensive" LinkedIn)

Package price = £1099 ("Ultimate" LinkedIn)

Pinnacle Clients

Package price = £799 ("Comprehensive" LinkedIn)

Package price= £899 ("Ultimate" LinkedIn)

Career Builder Clients

Package price = £499

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