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SPECIAL OFFERS for The Professional

We are currently offering the following discounted packages to make the purchase of multiple items more cost-effective.

The CV Only option is available to order at the bottom of the page.

There are facilities on the site where you can use your credit card, debit card or PayPal account to make payment.

As soon as we receive an order one of our consultants will be in touch by sending you an official order confirmation

and receipt.

Classic Personal Branding Portfolio - Save over £157!

When considering your next opportunity many situations can present themselves, each requiring a different approach; if your only available response is to send the standard 2 or 3 page CV/résumé then you will quickly run out of options.

It is for this reason that we developed the Personal Branding Career Portfolio – a comprehensive package of powerful career collateral, professionally written to support your goals, reflect your personal branding and enable you to present yourself robustly in every situation.

Each document is meticulously prepared with varying quantities of detail to suit specific situations and targeted towards particular audiences.

The package consists of:

- Professional Bio – a 1 page brief biography with photo to serve as an introduction

- Short form CV/Résumé – a concise 2 page document outlining key strengths/core competencies as well as a précised career history including selected achievements

- Presentation CV/Résumé – longer and far more detailed containing full (but not exhaustive) role descriptions, a selection of illustrative personal achievements, specific outline examples of projects etc.

- “Comprehensive” LinkedIn optimization service – take full advantage of the excellent networking opportunities this

powerful social media site has to offer

- “Professionally written Cover Letter

Cost if ordered individually = £933


Package price = £699

The International Job Seekers Package - Save over £127!

CV formats vary in different parts of the world.

In the UK and most of Europe a 2 page CV is the standard, whereas in America and Canada they use Resumes which should be 1 page only. If you aim to apply for roles in Australia and Asia then your CV needs to be 4 pages long and contain text rather than bullet points.

For job seekers who are 100% flexible on location for their next job The International Job Seekers Package provides a CV in all 3 formats, fully equipping those candidates for truly international job hunting and representing great value with savings of over £50.

Includes all of the following:-

- 3 different formats of your CV

- 1 professionally written cover letter

- Silver CV Enhancement Package on each CV

Usual price = £526.96

Offer price = £399 (saving £127.96)

The International Job Seekers Package plus LinkedIn service

ncludes all of the above plus the "Comprehensive" LinkedIn service

Usual price = £675.96

Offer Price = £495 (saving £180.96)

Enhanced CV and Letter Package - Save £37.99

Apply for those ideal jobs confident in the knowledge that your new CV's stylish presentation will stand out and attract a recruiter's attention ahead of the others. Not only will it look good but the professionally written text will both inform the reader and inspire them to want to know more, resulting in more interviews.


This, our most popular package, represents common sense value saving £37.99 and includes all of the following:-

- Professionally written CV

- Silver CV Enhancement Package

- Professionally written cover letter

Package price = £175

Bundle Deals

Professional Diamond Package

Enhanced Professional CV and Letter Package, plus Bio and "Comprehensive" LinkedIn service

Bundle Deal = £495

Total saving over £112

Professional Gold Package

Enhanced Professional CV and Letter Package, plus "Comprehensive" LinkedIn service (you input the LinkedIn details)

Bundle Deal = £345

Total saving over £110

Enhanced Professional CV and Letter Package, plus "Ultimate" LinkedIn service (LinkedIn optimization applied by our consultants)

Bundle Deal = £445

Total saving over £110

The Professional CV / resume on its own

Price = £149    

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