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Order and Payment 

This is the order and payment page for the special package as follows

  • Prepare answers to the “Screening and Fitness” questions for the Inspira based on information contained in CV;

  • Refresh/tailor the already existing CV and Cover Letter to this post;

  • Based on the revised CV, prepare the text to be used in a brief / short / impactful introduction brochure.


  • Express fee for delivery by COB Friday 28 August = £150

Total = £525

To complete the order just click on the “Buy Now” button and choose a method of payment – there are facilities on this site where you can use debit/credit cards or PayPal. (If you require an alternative method of payment please let us know as other options are available.)

As soon as we receive notification that an order has been placed we will send you an official order confirmation and receipt along with details of any additional information we might need in order to complete the documents effectively, and will start work on it straight away with the aim to have it completed by COB on Friday August 28th.

All of our work includes our guarantee that once you have received the documents we will make as many amendments as are necessary until you are completely satisfied with the result. Usually it is only necessary to have 1 further draft, and very often none at all, but should there be any need for more then there are no limits (within reason, of course).

For assistance


Phone: +44 7516 979054

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