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Which pile will your CV end up on? Interview or ignore?

How many times have you sent off your CV to a great job and then heard absolutely nothing?

Ever wondered why that is?

I spent over 20 years as a recruitment consultant and I can honestly say that most of the CVs I saw on a daily basis did not inspire me to call the applicant in for interview.

The "thanks but no thanks" pile was significantly bigger than the "yes call to interview" pile.

Clearly, given the high number of CVs that were sent to me, I wouldn't have had enough time to interview everyone and so, like anyone looking to recruit, I had to make a very swift assessment of the CV and if I couldn't find what I was looking for quickly, then I would have to move on to the next one.

If the CV was too long then that would put me off straight away, and if it had spelling mistakes or grammatical errors,

my opinion automatically dropped.

If I didn’t see the information I needed quickly because it was either buried in vast paragraphs of text or didn’t appear

until the end of the CV, then I would probably never see it at all and so the application would be rejected.

This is why it is so important to make sure that the key points about you are clearly stated at the beginning of the CV,

and that it is written accurately and concisely.

Which pile is your CV destined for?

Before you send it to anyone else get your CV checked out. Get a professional’s opinion on whether your CV gives enough compelling reasons why you should be interviewed, or whether you will never hear from that prospective employer again.

If it needs work the professional can put it right for you quickly and cheaply so your application will not be wasted!

Click on FREE advice and checking, and get Free Advice on how to write a CV, and a Free CV Checking service,

which includes a comprehensive report on the strength of your CV.

Please note, these are free services, and you would only need to pay anything if you ask us to have your CV written

or re-written - there is absolutely no obligation whatsoever.

Did you know? We also offer FREE LinkedIn profile checking and reports.

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